47 Great Ideas To Use Neon Signs for Home & Room Decor of 2020

LED Neon lights are traditional for parties but what if we use some neon lights for room & home decor?

The obvious result is that LED room neon signs have become more and more popular ideas for home decoration. I’m going to show you search report that why neon light signs are taking over the world for home & room decor. Let's get started.

According to Google’s search report in July 2020, custom neon signs continue to grow in all walks of life, economic statistics, and geographic regions, especially for home decor. There are 50,419 searches for custom neon lights, of which 10,895 people are searching for neon lights for home decoration in the past 31 days.

Neon lights are the product of the development of science and technology in the 20th century and were once called urban beauticians. Scientists fill thin neon gas or other rare gases into energized glass tubes, turning them into colorful neon lights. However, the traditional glass neon is not good for Environment and cost higher, so it is gradually replaced by a new type of high-efficiency energy-saving and maintenance-free LED neon lock. The improved LED flex neon lights can be any shape as you want. 

By far to 2020, the development of the times has given neon lights more meaning. Many friends hope to use colorful neon elements at home. And most friends are pursuing personalized decoration. We want to create something cool by their own ideas. A custom neon signs for home is a great way to achieve it.

Custom light up signs adds some fun and brings a party feel and whimsy touch to any space. It's a very visual addition to any interior, offering something unique amongst so many other creative solutions for your room decor. There are lots of neon ideas to try, from words and phrases to various images and animals. Anything you can imagine, the neon artist will bring it to life. I’ve prepared some ideas to use neon lights in your home with style, let’s take a look to get inspired.

1.Bring the Neon Art to home
As a neon light for home decoration, it doesn't need to be glare of light, exaggerated as the stage or street scene lights. It is more used as a decorative lighting for a wall, just a small piece as signature can bring a unique feeling to home.

2.Stunning the Home-Entrance with LED neon
The entrance of the home is usually leaving the deepest first impression. When used neon light signs here with a strong visual impact, then it will show the strong personality of the homeowner. Everyone has their own view,it is a matter of opinion. You can create your favorite logos, slogans, or image by the LED neon elements. Such as the most popular ideas of Palm Leaf and Paradise, try it a to neon.

3.Make Living Room Background With Glowing Neon 
Are you still worried about which decorative paintings can be used for the living room wall to make something different? It is best to try glowing neon lights. Whether it's industrial style, retro style, Nordic style, American style...you can always find a neon army that suits you, with many colors and patterns.
Compared with ordinary background walls, neon background walls can also solve the problem of insufficient lighting in the living room. Bright and colorful neon lights will add fun, vitality and modern fashion to the living room.

4.Neon Lights for Bedroom Room
LED Neon lights have various forms of decorative light sources.

The first is to use multiple light sources to match the white wall, use the diffuse reflection of the wall to scatter the colors of neon lights of different colors, and paint the smooth white wall into a soft and dreamy gradient.

The second one is easier to operate. Buy or DIY your favorite neon lights and place them in the dim and monotonous corner of your home. Then turn on the lights and you will find different surprises.

5.Neon Lights for Baby Room
Children are afraid of the darkness and cry in the dark night. You often turn on a small lamp and look after the children in the middle night. Ordinary and boring lights make the night extremely long. A fun neon light can change the mood and make children happy and sleep at ease. LED Neon Signs are totally safe when lights working, baby touch safe!

6.Create a Game Space
In recent years, there have been more and more friends who like to play console games. A game corner full of science and technology can make players have a stronger sense of substitution when playing games, and the game experience will instantly increase N times! If you want to create such a small world of your own, you can try simply with neon elements.

You can install neon lights of any color at the corner between the wall and the table, with a cool host, keyboard, mouse and other elements that will "illuminate", the magical feeling will be displayed instantly, no game fan will not be moved by it.

7.Garden and courtyard
New Style LED Neon Signs can be make for outdoor with waterproof. No matter day or night, you can hang a neon signs in the yard. Your neighbors will be surprised by your high taste and may be willing to come over and have a tea party with you. In the afternoon on weekend, black tea and neon lights bring you a novel experience.

8.Neon with green plants
What is the chemical reaction between neon lights and green plants? This is difficult to define because there are many great results, each of which is special and beautiful. Under the shining of colorful neon lights, the colors of leaves and flowers will also change, and there is a great visual sense between the mottled light and shadow. Friends who like simplicity can also use white neon tubes as flower stands to illuminate dark corners, which is full of modernity.

9.Surprisingly there are neon signs too
In addition to regular neon elements, it also has many interesting uses. A wall of books that will glow, a tank of small fish that reflect neon colors, a row of dazzling hangers, a classical sculpture with neon lights and a "frame"... It turns out that ordinary and everyday things have the blessing of neon lights will present such a trendy sense of play.

10.Neon lights and all-match small ornaments
The simple shapes and complex patterns outlined by the lines will weaken the beauty of neon lights. Simple lines can outline shapes with shapes and spirit.

The small and exquisite neon decoration is as beautiful as a painting, and at the same time has a stage atmosphere, and sometimes can play a funny and humorous role.


11.Wall Neon
Neon lights have a history of more than 200 years, until today it still has vigorous vitality. I believe that neon lights will show more possibilities for home & room decor with its unique and fashionable characteristics.

In addition to the above 11 ideas, there are 36 other popular letter LED neon signs that people use to brighter their rooms. You may find some ideas you like, and maybe bring you new ideas to life.

1. Home 2. Sweet Home 3. Dream House 4. Dream Place
5. Chill Zone 6. ALOHAT 7. Today is a gift 8. Love is in the air
9. Viber Room 10. House of  Styles 11. Be all in. 12. good vibes only
13. Stay a While 14. explore somewhere 15. Turn Out 16.  ZZZ
17. Eat well. Stay young. Love long. 18.Do your best Forget the rest 19. Stay Humble, Hustle Hard 20. You Are Exactly Where You Need To Be
21. Polish Her Up 22. Smile More 23. Hello Beautiful 24. Hello Gorgeous
25. This must be the place 26. You Are My Sunshine 27. To the Moon and Back 28. Sunshine State of Mind
29. You're Freaking Beautiful 30. This is our happy place 31. good night, my love 32. Crown pattern
33. Flamingo pattern 34. Cactus pattern 35. Lips pattern 36. Puppy pattern


With neon lights, you can express the thoughts of your deep heart's, and shout out your inner voice through such a neon "artwork". In fact, whether it is dark or dawn, the neon lights are reminding you to live a good life. And Fast Neon Sign Team is Adhering to the mission of "Neon art lights up our future" with quality LED neon signs for home, business, weddings, events, & more.

See more ideas and pre-designed on our shop, you may find a new land of fun. If you got some ideas already, it's easily to create your custom neon sign by our amazing Customizer or If you have logo or other design, please feel free to contact our Custom Team. We will be happy to help you bring your design to life 💡

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