The 27 Best Wedding Neon Signs of 2020

Neon lights, a new fashion trend in wedding decorations.

Marriage is a turning point in life, and wedding is an important day. New Couple have many aspects need to consider when planning the big day. Hold a wedding not only needs to consider the dress, the scene and the band, but also the details decoration, something different to stunning the wedding.

Obviously, the glowing neon signs is a nice choice to fill the gaps in decoration. Modern LED Neon lights are totally safe for hand-touch, the light tubes are flex and rich color, it can be customized as any shape and pattern and changing color as your imagination.

As we found, the vibrant neon signs give off the feeling of a classic bar and bring good vibe when event, highlight your party best features by amazing neon signs and eating in the glow of their colorful light.

The most favorite neon sign is usually the name of the bride and groom, or the initials of their name, or the Last name of family. Followed by neon sign designs are various vows of love.

Below are 18 styles LED neon signs we made for weddings, and we are happy to bring it to life. Neon signs can be light up as a quota & direction signs, personalized wedding name signs, phrase & letter signs to illuminate the bar, wall and dinner party!

1.Mr & Mrs 2.LOVE 3.Drunk in love
4.Love is Sweet 5.Love you lots 6.Love this for us
7.Crazy in love 8.All you need is love 9.Isn't she lovely?
10.‘Til death 11.Til death do us party 12.Let's party
13.Better Together 14.Happily ever after 15.Let's get this party started
16.You are Beautiful 17.It was all a dream 18.It was always you

You can order any of our LED neon wedding designs, such as "Happily Ever After" or "Better Together ", or design custom neon name signs for new couples or family's. That's totally unique or meaningful for the big day.

Neon lights as for wedding decoration ideas, it also can be customized to suit various wedding themes.Below we have other 9 ideas to use the neon sign to stunning the wedding!

1. Hanging large neon wing neon light as Photo Booth Backdrop

2. Light up wall art words neon sign with Candles

3. illuminated acrylic signs on Flower Wall

4.Grass Wall with neon sign

5.Custom neon light name sign with Initials together

6.Incorporate Your Vows

7.Illuminate the Dance Floor

8.Bar Decor

9. Use the design neon sign as Dinner or Table Decor

Above is the 27 Best Neon Signs ideas to use for wedding event. It's all created by the personalized. On the wedding day, neon lights will bring you a new experience and let you have a good time! It always bringing you fun no matter used as the background of the ceremony, or as signage of the bar decoration.

Create a custom neon lights to decorate the wedding, or buy neon light signs as gifts for friends who will get married, this is a good choice to bring surprises and happiness to the wedding experience.

Easy to achieve your neon creativity. Click our Online Customizer or send your ideas to our Custom Team, we will make mock up and quotes within 24 hours. You will always got service when orders, production and after-sales.

See more ideas and pre-designed on our shop, you may get more inspiration for wedding!

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